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Longaberger Basket Signature

When you look at the bottom of a basket that is a Longaberger basket, you will probably see a date, some initials, and a Longaberger stamp. These features can help you identify your basket as a genuine Longaberger basket and help you identify the type of basket.

Since 1978, most baskets have been dated and initialed by the basket weaver. This practice began when Dave Longaberger decided to start selling his baskets through home shows. The date can be a big help if you need to identify your basket.

Since 1982, the Longaberger stamp has been burned into the bottom of most baskets. There have been 6 different logos used by Longaberger since 1982.

LONGABERGER HANDWOVEN IN DRESDEN, OHIO - USA This stamp appeared in 1982 on Grandad's Sleigh Basket. This original stamp was only used for a short time because the machine broke.

LONGABERGER BASKETS This stamp was temporarily used in 1983. It only appeared on several hundred baskets.

LONGABERGER BASKETS HANDWOVEN U.S.A. This stamp was introduced in 1983 and was used until 1989.

LONGABERGER BASKETS DRESDEN, OHIO This stamp appeared only for a short time from 1989 to 1990.

LONGABERGER BASKETS HANDWOVEN DRESDEN, OHIO USA This stamp appeared from 1990 through March, 2003, a total of 14 years, making it the longest running stamp.

Longaberger HANDMADE BASKETS EST. DRESDEN, OH U.S.A. This stamp was introduced in January 2003 and appeared on all baskets by March 2003. It is still in use today.

You may find an occasional Longaberger basket that is missing any combination of these markings. In this case, you should have the basket authenticated by The Longaberger Company. If you can't take the basket to Dresden yourself, contact your Independent Home Consultant for further assistance.

J.W. Original baskets were woven by J.W. Longaberger himself from the 1930s through the 1970s. These baskets most likely will not have any markings on the bottom. There are several features that may help you identify a basket as a J.W. Original, but it's best to have such a basket authenticated by a Longaberger family member.

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